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Deeper Analysis - without the Math

Meet StatGenius - the only analysis platform for market research, which behaves and thinks just like your personal statistician
Let our AI statistician discover your insights for you

Deeper analysis that no other platform offers - but usable by everyone

  • Reporting and Analysis - Crosstabs, Banners, Stunning Visualizations, and Insightful Analysis Statistical Analysis
  • Analyze Deeper - Relationships & Trends, Driver Analysis, Segmentation Comparisons, and Significance Testing
  • Reporting and Presentation - Create fantastic presentations, and online benchmarks, dashboards, or reports
More Intuitive than SPSS | More Comprehensive than Crosstab Tools

Survey analysis for everyone.


Expand your analytical services without hiring specialists

Complete a 6-hour analysis project in 30 minutes

Click and produce engaging dashboards and presentations

Brands & Marketers

Bring analysis capabilities in-house - without hiring

Explore your market studies deeper

Enable category managers to run their own analysis - ensure consistent methodolog

Associations and Nonprofits

Member and Industry Research

Create online benchmarks and research that your members will crave!

Our AI Statistician Guides You to Insights

  • Just Like a Human - StatGenius behaves and thinks just like a PhD - with a comprehensive library of math solutions
  • Dump and Insight - Simply upload your data, and StatGenius will walk you through your insights
  • Dig Deeper than Ever - By using AI and brute force computation, it will analyze your entire data set at once, allowing you to discover trends deeper than ever

Improved Insights Quality


Number of additionally identified trends

Dramatic Labor Savings


Savings on labor cost to complete analysis

Agile Turnaround & Workflow


Time spent on analysis & coordination

Simple enough to be used by an untrained analyst; comprehensive enough for an expert statistician