How our AI Statistician Works

Meet StatGenius: Your Virtual Statistician

StatGenius is the first survey analysis platform that analyzes market research data better than a statistician can, but without user input. It’s as deep as SPSS, but it handles all of the math on its own, which means that you can use untrained personnel, without outsourcing or hiring. It also speeds up your turnaround time, because it will proactively scan your data set and report to you all of the insights at once. No more trial & error!

How does this work?

  • Dump and Insight - Simply upload your data, and StatGenius will walk you through the insights you should review
  • Discover patterns in your data (segmentation, hidden relationships, predictability) without manually running the mathematics. AI uses "judgment" to recommend variables, trends, and relationships that your users should be looking at
  • Create dashboards, benchmarks, and interactive reports that your clients will value

But how accurate is it?

StatGenius behaves and thinks just like a PhD - our AI analyzes your data and determines how best to employ the same statistical techniques your statistician would recommend. Using AI and brute force computation, it will proactively analyze your data and recommend to you the trends that you should investigate. This will substantially decrease the time spent on exploration (by at least 50%), decrease turnaround time for ad-hoc queries, and increase the breadth of insights your analysts find (because your analysts no longer have to probe for trends manually).

“There’s no way a computer can do everything a human does.”

We agree! A human operator will always be needed to understand the industry, frame insights that apply to your client, and throw out results that defy how the market works. Just like how that statistician you’ve hired needs to come back to you with questions about the industry, the insights being drawn, and you have to throw out some of their results.

What StatGenius replaces is the need for mathematical knowledge, and the trial & error work that a human statistician does. Just like how a calculator replaces the need for someone to learn long division; StatGenius replaces the need for a human operator to manually write R code, plug endless combinations into SPSS, or scroll through crosstabs in Excel. And it will probe your data deeper than a human can - using brute force techniques that only a computer is capable of.

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