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Be your own ‘Stats Genius’, without the math

Meet the world’s most insightful analysis platform - powerful enough for a Stat-Genius, easy enough for a Non-Genius

Create dazzling visualizations, banners, and crosstabs, segment your customers, and discover hidden relationships – almost instantly. No math training required.

To analyze your data like a pro:

  • Step 1

    Import data

  • Step 2

    Our AI will analyze entire data set at once

  • Step 3

    Compress a 12 hour statistical job into 60 minutes – without any data integrity loss

See for your self how StatGenius can change your daily results

Results & Insights

Create engaging visualizations and informative crosstabs – instantly

  • StatGenius automatically picks the best visualization – based on your data
  • Intuitive banners and crosstabs
  • Instant visualizations and banners that really engage

Segmentation Analysis

Learn how your respondents organize themselves – and what makes them unique

  • Instantly determine why a target segment is different from the others
  • Compare segments without crosstabs
  • Establish new segments from your data (cluster analysis)

Use Case Examples:

  • What makes my most interesting customer segment unique?
  • What is the best way to market to customers, who are the most likely to try our product?

Relationship Analysis

Discover hidden relationships across your survey

  • StatGenius decides which mathematical technique to apply – and how
  • AI interprets results and explains the relationships in plain language
  • Statistical significance testing and mathematics performed - without user input

Prediction at your fingertips (Regression)

Determine how survey questions or variables predict an outcome

  • Simply tell StatWx what you want to predict, and it will figure out what predicts it
  • StatGenius matches the best prediction with the best technique
  • Create predictive models with powerful “what if” scenario analysis

Use Case Examples:

  • How does answering question #4 predict the likelihood of recommending our service?
  • Which variables are the best predictors of a customer’s satisfaction?

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